Rather, it was a delicate crossword that required a bit of riddles and reverse engineering to unravel the parsing (3/4 degrees). There were some very clever clues. I liked the lurker at 28a and the anagram best at 9d, although 1a would have been a favorite, if not for a shortcut that I hate. Thanks to Kath for helping me with a hinter, I couldn`t analyze Whixmch, and thanks to Ray T. OK, everyone — it`s me today — I got it and very soon in bed as soon as I can summon the energy to go up the stairs. Thanks to Ray T for the crossword puzzles and as always for the call. Thanks also to everyone for the comments. Night all night and sleep well. Hey to everyone. No matter if you`re locked up or down, or in or out, or whatever they say, all they really say is, “What do you want to do? Well, it`s a funny chance – you can`t! At least there are always crossword puzzles that gives us something to do to distract us for a while. Today it`s a Ray T – the clues are all very short and the queen is here, but the beloved seems to have a day off – maybe she took the anagrams, since there is only one couple.

Relieved that I was not the only one to find this today rather on the difficult side. You still don`t understand the 13a. As I was never a great athlete, I had not heard the sentence of 24a and I did not know the 4d prison or the 3d. It is clear that my GK has let me down again. But many of these clues were easier, just not enough of them. I laughed at the photo at 19d. When we were hunting at home, we went to a house that goes back to a golf course. Unfortunately, there was a huge grass hill the size of a shed that leaned on the small terrace, and that was all you could see.

When I told the realtor that it gave me the creeps that he really didn`t understand, it didn`t matter that it wasn`t what I would call a golf course view. Thanks to Falcon and Setter. Re 13a. Some “documents” (IDs) during the “meeting” (EVENT). We`re sorry, capital letters aren`t bad words. I`m just going to fill my crossword puzzles in capital letters. I hope it will help. Why do I find Thursday`s crossword puzzles difficult, obviously not on the same wavelength as Setter. I needed clues, and then it made sense.

I don`t know what Sarah Pascoe has to do with crossword puzzles, but I don`t think she`s funny. One of those I found quite difficult while I did, but can`t see why now that I`ve finished it. I`ve tried a little too long to integrate ESP into 11a, but no one else seems to have had this problem. I had never heard of 24a or 3d. I enjoyed it, and I really don`t see why I thought it was difficult — just a little dozy today, or maybe it`s a sign of a good setter. In general, good clues, so maybe I`m not going to pick some. Thanks to Campbell and Falcon. For a minute it`s nice, then it`s raining, a bit of wind and quite cold in Oxford – a very strange weather, but then a little weird right now. I just printed out the rookies` crossword puzzles and had a brief look — I don`t have much hope of being able to do that. Can`t find an excuse to stop solving daily crossword puzzles.

Start a complete blockage now and for at least 4 weeks. As we were a non-essential company despite our massive contributions to the government, we had to close. At least this time we had a 24 hour delay when, in March, it was only 4. So I`ll try to come here every day to post my feelings on the puzzles. Today, the index that hit the 24a. Starmania is the mother of all rock operas.