If the Brexit negotiations do not result in a deal or a postponement of the exit, the UK will be a non-European country from 30 March 2019. EU law no longer applies. All rules and requirements applicable to third countries apply immediately: this particularly affects exports of dual-use goods and goods subject to the Anti-Torture Act. 8.3 This Clause 8 applies even after the end of this agreement. All authorisations and procedures for authorising dual-use goods fall within the jurisdiction of the authorities of the Member States. When deciding whether or not to grant authorisation for the articles listed in the annexes, they take into account their obligations under international agreements on non-proliferation and control of sensitive objects, in the same way as obligations arising from sanctions imposed by the United Nations Security Council. They should also take into account foreign and national security policy as well as the final destination and the risk of circumventing the rules. 9.4 BafEA may notify the Member in writing to terminate this contract at the end of the affiliation period. Privacy policy: BAFA`s declaration of confidentiality regarding the use of personal data, available following the following link, www.bafa.ac.uk/privacy.html (a) The terms of affiliation constitute the whole agreement reached between the parties with respect to membership and resolve all agreements, commitments, assurances, guarantees, guarantees, insurance and agreements between them, in writing or orally, concerning their purpose. BAFA Special Interest Groups and Regional Groups: the various special interest groups, regional groups and other subgroups that can be created from time to time by baFA to which members can join. Tip: The lists of products in the schedules of the dual-use regulation are subject to periodic review, updating and transformation to adapt them to new scientific and technical knowledge and to address new security risks that may have arisen in the meantime.

Companies exporting sensitive products should therefore periodically verify that the products they have issued have been included in the annexes of the dual use regulation. Dual-use goods are those that can be used in one way or another for both civilian and military purposes. You can also use the index to specifically search for the goods you are exporting. However, with regard to the index, the problem is that we only choose a very specific concept for the transfer of goods. Related or alternative terms with the same meaning, which are used in a synonymous manner, are no longer included in the index. When a company considers a specific term for the goods it exports, it can happen so quickly that the need to authorize the goods is accidentally overlooked. The Law Transposing the Defence Products Directive came into force on 4 August 2011 (Bundesgesetzblatt, item 41, page 1595) Article 3 of the Double-Use Regulation (EC) No. 428/2009 provides that the importation of all goods listed in Schedule I of the dual-use regulation is subject to authorisation. (a) death or bodily harm due to the negligence or negligence of its staff, agents or subcontractors; The Federal Office for Economics and Export Control publishes the German Export Control Manual (HADDEX). Volume 1 describes current export control legislation, Volumes 2 – 4 contain the main laws, regulations and announcements. The manual is available from the Bundesanzeiger Verlagsgesellschaft.

Another task of the Federal Office for Economic Affairs and Export Control is the administrative implementation of embargo resolutions adopted by international organisations, such as arms embargoes imposed by the United Nations or the European Union. 8.2 Subject to paragraph 8.1, BAFA is not held responsible for the violation of legal obligations, nor in any other way arising from the conditions of membership or related to the conditions of affiliation: the Federal Office of Economy and Export Control has the task of setting up various sec