There are several reasons such as ease of use, flexibility and price, etc., that drives Google Maps users to explore Bing Maps. It is our duty to help you make an informed decision about this transition. We insert you into the migration process, comparing features and features and prices. We are known for being friendly and advise you in your best interest. Please contact us today to discuss your needs for a friendly chat. Contact us by phone on 03 9802 5516 in Australia or on 61 3 9802 5516 from outside Australia or by e-mail – or use the contact form below: (q) Include road maps of services with road maps provided by third parties. They should not replace aerial images of services with images provided by another mapping platform. Regardless of the above, you can overlay aerial images that are used in Privileges, provided that these images do not significantly replace the basic images provided by the Services. You can integrate different levels of data of types not available on services in the company`s applications (for example. B, demographic data or school location data). You can combine or overlay data or data derived from Ordnance Surveyes United Kingdom Mapping (but not Ordnance Survey Ordnance Survey) with Services.

if you have acquired all of these rights to the Ordnance Survey United Kingdom Mapping Data, that this use of Ordnance Survey United Kingdom attribution data is compliant with the services with your Ordnance Survey license and you compensate Microsoft for this use in accordance with Section 3.8. Envision IT is Bing Maps reseller for Australia and New Zealand. We sell and support Bing Maps for Independent Software Vendor (ISV) and Volume License (VL) for businesses, commercial, charities, charities, education, government, not for profit (NFP) and free usage options, We are your first point of contact for all Bing card applications from Australia, New Zealand and other neighboring countries that do not have bing Maps reseller. Our bing Maps resale for ISV is done via Grey Matter UK, Bing Maps Distributor for Australia, New Zealand among others. We explain the use and license of Bing Maps below. If in doubt, as small as it may seem, please contact us on 03 9802 5516 or 61 3 9802 5516 from outside Australia or by e-mail Explanations can be complicated! Please contact us if you are in Australia, New Zealand or neighbouring countries. You can contact us by phone on 03 9802 5516 in Australia or on 61 3 9802 5516 from outside Australia or by email – or use the contact form below: The information below may not be enough. Please contact us for more information or for more information or to clarify your doubts.

You can contact us by phone on 03 9802 5516 from Australia or on 61 3 9802 5516 from outside Australia or by e-mail – or fill out the contact form below. Additional restrictions may apply to the use of specific content or features, as shown in the SDK from time to time. We reserve the right to include a search field or advertisement in content provided through the Services. You will not intentionally omit or conceal these advertisements, search fields or search results, including advertisements, when you view such content to end-users. Only personal/internal use of business. You agree to use this data with Autodesk® Live Map Data only for personal or internal purposes for which you have been authorized, and not at service offices, timeshare or similar purposes. Therefore, subject to the restrictions in the following paragraphs, you agree not to reproduce, copy, modify, decompile, decompile or otherwise redistribute parts of that data, and you cannot transfer or distribute it in any form, except to the extent permitted by law.