1. The purpose of this chapter is to group all the data elements that are shared between you and the department. The following paragraphs focus on the client day from the recommendation phase to the end of the program. We will explain the nature of the data that is shared and its sources, including cross-cutting processes. Other data-sharing agreements have been concluded with the Department for Health and Social Care (DHSC), the Cifas Fraud Prevention Service, the DVLA, Her Majesty`s Customs Office (HMRC) and the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP). 35. If you send data to the wrong subcontractor, you need to draw the subcontractor`s attention to the error and make sure it deletes the record. They must keep a record of the actions taken for three months. The report highlighted the Metropolitan Police`s “gang matrix” as a particular example of a data exchange agreement that violated data protection legislation. According to an OIC report published in November, the database of people with gang connections did not make sufficient distinction between perpetrators and victims. List of data items to release for vendors (new items can be added later).

In a report, Liberty revealed the extent of the “behind-the-scenes” agreements between major public services, such as schools, police and immigration services, that allow the transmission of personal data of individuals without their consent. 3. DWP can send you personal and sensitive information about the participants. These include documents describing the status of disability and barriers to work. This data must be stored securely and be available with procedures to make it accessible from your systems. Some or all of the data can be passed on to your subcontractors. “The exchange of information between ministries is essential, not only to combat illegal immigration, but also to protect and protect the public. Liberty`s results also focused on a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) on data exchange between the Ministry of the Interior and NHS Digital, which was abolished earlier this year after a counter-reaction.

The government is in a position to legally enforce these agreements, Liberty says, because of a penalty exemption in the 2018 Data Protection Act, related to the existence of a handful of immigration-related offenses. A copy of the main document describing the terms of the data exchange agreement between HMRC and DWP. “A close examination of the exchange of hostile environmental data shows more than how it facilitates human rights violations in the implementation of immigration policy, but shows that this is a broader part of a worrying trend in the use of data by the state,” the report says. For example, the Ministry of Education (DfE) authorizes the Ministry of the Interior to access school documents, as Liberty`s requests for Freedom of Information (FOI) have recently updated a prior agreement on the consideration of the Data Protection Act (DPA) 2018. 6. PRaP has a robust level of security certification (IL2) for data storage. This review is done annually or when system updates/changes are made. In addition, there are other PRaP features: Liberty argues that the Ministry of the Interior should destroy all information obtained by DHSC or NHS Digital under the terms of the agreement, while NHS Digital should commit to a firewall and share data only on the basis of a court decision.