Laser Cutting Wood

Laser cutting wood can be ideal for many projects and applications. Just about any type of wood imaginable can be laser cut and laser etched to varying degrees and with varying results. You can see examples of a few types of wood showing the laser cut portion around the edge and the laser etch which usually appears slightly darker than the natural grain of the wood. Notice how the edges of the wood is a dark brown to blackish hue. This is a natural result of laser cutting wood, as the material is literally being burned through by a very high power/temperature laser.

We can achieve very high levels of detail with both laser cuts and etches when working with wood that would be nearly impossible by hand or other conventional methods. If you are interested in working with a type of wood that is not shown below, just reach out and let us know what type you would like to work with – it’s very possible that we will be able to accommodate your request.

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