b) the specific duration. The lease sets the time and date or circumstances in which the lease begins and expires. These periods or circumstances coincide with the receipts in the . Article 376, paragraph 11, point b) (3) An approved carrier leases household goods equipment. in the secretary`s sense, the parties may provide in the lease agreement that the provisions in paragraph c) paragraph 1 of this section apply only during the duration of the equipment`s operation by or for the licensed taker. 2. The lease agreement may provide for the consideration of the licensed taker as the owner of the equipment for sublease to other certified air carriers during the rental period. (m) This paragraph applies to owners who are not agents, but whose equipment is used by a representative of an approved carrier when transporting on behalf of that licensed carrier. In this case, the licensed carrier is required to ensure that these owners enjoy all rights and benefits conferred on a landlord under the leasing provisions, including the rights and benefits set out in paragraphs (d) (k) of this section. This is true regardless of whether the equipment lease is directly between the authorized carrier and its agent and not directly between the authorized carrier and each of these owners. The lease agreement between an approved carrier and its representative sets this obligation. (6) The conditions that the lessor must meet in order to have the trust fund reimbursed. At the time of the return of the trust fund, the approved air carrier may withdraw funds under the lease agreements made by the lessor and provide the lessor with a definitive accounting of all final deductions to the trust fund.

The lease also stipulates that the trust fund will not be repaid after 45 days from the date of termination. (f) payment deadline. The lease stipulates that payment to the lessor is made within 15 days of the presentation of delivery documents and other necessary documents relating to a trip to the service of the authorized carrier. The documents required before the owner can receive the payment are limited to the logbooks required by the Department of Transport and the documents necessary for the authorized carrier to ensure payment to the sender.