5.4. The End User is solely responsible for familiarizing himself with the User Manual, in particular with regard to data processing, with the Privacy Policy of the Data Controller, which describes the processing of data (www.kaspersky.com/Products-and-Services-Privacy-Policy) and independently determines whether they meet the requirements of the End User. Moderator: Deleting a screenshot of the license ID of the key. Remember is a public forum. What is the @Cesare phone support number? Email support is very slow and it`s always an urgent issue for us. It has not been resolved and more and more computers are now displaying “License Agreement Violated.” 7.5. Rightholder does not warrant protection against the threats described in the User Manual after the expiration of the period specified in the License Certificate or after termination of the license to use the Software for any reason. Data such as device type, operating system, etc. may be required so that the user does not need to purchase a new license for the security product after reinstalling the operating system. This information also helps us analyze cyber threats, as it shows how many devices are affected by a particular threat. Lawsuit. If you receive, download and/or install a trial version of the Software and hereby obtain an evaluation license for the Software, you may only use the Software for evaluation purposes and only during the applicable individual evaluation period from the date of initial installation, unless otherwise specified. Any use of the Software for any other purpose or beyond the applicable evaluation period is strictly prohibited.

The REactivation of the AV software was performed by manually entering the product key in the “License” part of the user interface. However, the license would be removed immediately after clicking on `UpdateTask` – probably because it is a reminder to kes Cloud servers. It would also trigger warnings from the cloud portal related to the achievement of the license limit and the endpoint that violated its license. This policy may be modified as a result of changes in legislation, requirements of public authorities or to reflect changes in our practices regarding the processing of personal data. The revised Policy is effective upon posting on our website: www.kaspersky.com/Products-and-Services-Privacy-Policy 1.5. Partners means organizations or individuals that distribute the Software on the basis of an agreement and license with the Rightholder. The data obtained for processing depends on the product or service, and users are advised to carefully read the agreements and related statements accepted when installing or using the software or service. The online version of the User Manual is available on the Rightholder`s website: www.kaspersky.com and can be updated if necessary. So, just to be clear, with the Select license, I can provide web control and applications for desktops, but not for servers? Kaspersky Lab will retain personal data for as long as necessary to achieve the purpose for which it is processed in accordance with the purposes set out in the agreements (KSN declarations, EULA, consents) or to comply with applicable legal requirements. If you have any questions or comments about this Privacy Policy, Kaspersky Lab`s privacy practices, or if you would like us to update or delete any information or preferences you have provided to us, please review www.kaspersky.com/global-privacy-policy, contact us electronically at: support.kaspersky.com/privacy; or send us a letter to Kaspersky Lab`s Privacy Office: AO Kaspersky Lab, Bldg. 3, 39A, Leningradskoe Shosse, Moscow, 125212, Russian Federation.

Our devices suddenly lost all Kaspersky protection. Once I`m signed in to the Endpoint Security Cloud management console, I see a list of “License Agreement violated” messages. 3.4. The functionality of the Software depends on the type of license used specified in the License Certificate. The functionality of the software corresponds to the description in the user manual. Hello, I went for it – This is also a big problem for us. Overnight, KES Cloud updated our endpoints and about half of them are now reporting this issue, the license agreement has been breached, and the product is not licensed. 5.9. In addition, in the case of point 5.7 of this License Agreement, the End User is obliged and has the full and sole responsibility to provide each data subject with all the information required by applicable law to obtain prior consent to the use of the Software, in particular in accordance with Article 13 of the GDPR (if the data subject is located in the European Union). In particular, the End User is obliged to provide any data subject in the European Union or, if required by applicable law, with the Data Protection Policy (www.kaspersky.com/Products-and-Services-Privacy-Policy) of the Rightholder before using the Software. With regard to certain products or services offered by Kaspersky Lab, the agreements, terms of use and instructions that supplement this Data Processing Policy are available to you. 1.11.

Web Portal refers to the services provided by the Rightholder and used for the management of installed software and licenses, for the retrieval and/or recording of software information and for contact with technical support. The web resource can be “Enterprise Account”, “Kaspersky Endpoint Security Cloud”. All other web resources used for the aforementioned purposes may also be used. When a threat (new or known) is detected on a device, information about that threat is sent to Kaspersky Lab. This allows us to analyze threats, their sources, infection principles, etc., which translates into a better quality of protection for each user. Inform users of any significant changes in the processing of personal data. This information is analyzed to alert users to unsecured (i.e. poorly protected) Wi-Fi access points and to prevent accidental interception of personal data. 1.11. Web Portal means the services provided by the Rightholder and used for the management of the installed Software and the licenses granted, as well as for the acquisition and/or storage of information received from the Software and to contact technical support. As a web resource, “Enterprise Account”, “Kaspersky Endpoint Security Cloud” can be used.

Any other web resources used for the above purposes may also be used. 14.1. This Agreement constitutes the entire agreement between you and the Rightholder and supersedes all other prior agreements, proposals, communications or advertisements, whether oral or written, with respect to the Software or the subject matter of this Agreement. .