IX. -REPURCHASE Except for contrary provisions under current state legislation, the company will resell, in the event of termination of this agreement, all new, unused, current, complete and intact products at the prices of the original invoice, reduced the applicable rebates or payments, and less a processing fee – % calculated on the net price of the distributor. In addition, the company will repurchase the parts of the distributor`s product, provided that the parts are up to date, unused and in a new physical condition and a new appearance, including packaging, and that they are likely to be returned by the company to other distributors. The company will not buy back parts that could have deteriorated in the dealer fleet. The price to be paid or credited for such coins on the distributor`s account is calculated at the dealer`s current net price, less a processing fee of .0%. The trader provides invoices with proof of purchase from the company. Distributors and distributors play a key role in supply chains, so it is not surprising that positions have some similarities. Although the two agreements are legal documents that define the terms of the relationship between the different parties involved, their specificities differ in many respects. (B) Manage a stock of products in accordance with the sales potential in (distributor PAR) – (the area served by the distributor) and satisfactorily for the company. (C) Aggressive sales of products by, but not limited to, promote advertising, open houses, agricultural shows, field shows and other meetings applicable with the ideal of event, as provided by the company, and participating in early order programs and other programs related to the sale of the company.

(D) the extension of the standard warranty applicable to the distributor`s printed products to the distributor`s customers, which is in effect at the time of retail sales. The trader understands that no other guarantees are expressly or implicitly. (E) adequate train, service and parts distribution staff for products (at least ______a year of participation in the company`s sales and service meetings). (F) Prepare products according to the company`s standard installation instructions and explain to the retailers of the distributor the correct operating and safety instructions as well as the provision of the corresponding written instructions for use and safety.