The claims report is adjusted for each employer according to the company agreement in force. Members have the opportunity to contribute to their damage diary through our “virtual” meetings. Members are informed of meetings via SMS and email. Although it is early, there have been a few offers and agreements that have been put to the vote, including Japara (which is sold to Calvary Healthcare). Members accepted 2.75% per year for two years, as well as an increase in paid parental leave from four to six weeks. Other offerings from Homestyle, Arcare and a number of small suppliers in the range of 2% to 2.5% per year are still under development, usually for contracts with a term of two or three years. “As we work to ensure the government puts seniors` care in order, the companies` bargaining process gives union members another opportunity to improve wages and staff levels,” Fitzpatrick said. “The circumstances of this round of negotiations are more difficult than usual, with a new funding system expected to begin in October 2022, a federal election scheduled for the next six months, and a promised review of the Elder care Act (including mandatory staffing) by mid-2023. Given all these changes, as well as the ongoing impact of COVID-19, employers are very cautious when it comes to committing to longer agreements. We are currently in discussions with Blue Cross, Uniting Agewell, Estia, Royal Freemasons and Allity, and Regis will start soon. Many small island providers and small networks have already had preliminary discussions. If members have an urgent workplace issue or eligibility ideas, email the NHCF through clearly identifying your employer and workplace.

A number of further negotiations will begin in the first half of 2022 for TLC Aged Care, Mercy Health Residential Aged Care, Doutta Galla Aged Care Services, Mecwacare, Opal HealthCare, Villa Maria Catholic Homes, Benetas, Australian Unity and Hope Aged Care. This corresponds to another 4500 members. “But nurses deserve better, so we need to move the matter forward. To make decent progress, members really need to get involved in the campaign – please come to ANMF meetings, when they are called, become an employment representative or health and safety representative, talk to your colleagues about the claims and tell your employers that you want a fair deal. LISA Fitzpatrick, Secretary of the ANMF (Vic Branch), said: “We have urged providers to make the main recommendations of the Royal Commission on Elder care – the provision of 200 minutes of care per resident per day, better pay for nurses and carers, and better education and training. The Royal Commission found that geriatric nurses and caregivers are understaffed, undervalued and underpaid – that`s what we hammered home. .