However, the nullity of the provision relating to usurious interest does not affect the lender`s right to recover the principal of the loan and would not affect the terms of the immovable hypothec. The right to mortgage remains in the hands of creditors and can be exercised if the debtors do not pay the debt due. The debt due must be taken into account without setting excessive interest. Instead of the excessive interest previously imposed is added a legal rate of 12% per year. To access the EDGAR search: Enter edgar in the search bar. Select EDGAR Filings & Disclosures. (Note that you can also go to EDGAR Precedent Agreements – Search Clause.) The Commission is not empowered to rule on the validity of a contract or on its disposition. Therefore, existing loans, unless they are cancelled, can be considered as receivables when setting up a business. Existing loans must comply with the requirements of the law, otherwise they cannot be considered as receivables when they are created. Bloomberg Law makes it easy to search the database for more than 1.5 million records. You can search for more than 600 types of documents or limit your search to focus on M&A sales agreements, underwriting agreements, or credit and credit agreements by clicking on the corresponding tab at the top of the screen. Using these tabs provides additional search options for the selected types of agreements. Our Transactional Intelligence Center is a one-stop shop for tools and content created for transaction lawyers.

Discover how-to guides, books and treaties, transactional messages, our database of precedents of over 1.5 million documents, the complete EDGAR database and much more. Also test your draft contract with our draft draft market analyzer tool. To access the Transaction Intelligence Center via the Bloomberg Law menu, select Transactional Intelligence Center. A financing or credit company infringes TILA if it does not provide a disclosure statement to its borrowers before the closing of the credit transaction. Section 7 of R.A. No. 9474 on “loan amounts and fees” provides that a “lending company may grant loans at reasonable amounts and interest rates and fees that may be agreed between the lending company and the debtor: provided that the agreement complies with the provisions of R.A. 3765 corresponds, also known as the Truth in Lending Act”, and R.A. No. 7394, also known as the Consumer Act of the Philippines; In addition, provided that the Monetary Council can impose, in consultation with the SEC and industry, interest rates justified by prevailing economic and social conditions. Draft Analyzer uses an algorithm to show you the consensus that is developing among the authors, based on the analysis of virtually every paragraph of virtually every agreement and organizing document submitted as an EDGAR exhibit.

Our system first classifies each paragraph based on textual similarity and builds one or more unique (“composite”) versions for each identified cluster of similar paragraphs. A composite reflects the most common language in the underlying source documents. To access the EDGAR search: Enter edgar in the search bar. Choose SEC EDGAR Filings, Combined. Explore over 600 types of documents, including merger agreements, licensing agreements, confidentiality agreements, employment contracts and more. Start typing a document type or by selecting the full list and selecting one or more document types from the list….