You are here / Home / News / Milenio Sports signs a partnership agreement with Shanghai Kehua Football Training development Ltd According to Guo, Inter Milan is currently one of the best football clubs in the world, allowing the company to attract many new customers in their sports betting offers. Inter Milan and SDY made headlines about online betting earlier this month when the team announced they had entered into a two-year partnership agreement with SDY Sports. The deal with Yobo Sports is supposed to increase the club`s revenues. Other Italian teams, such as Bologna, are collaborating with JBO and Lazio has signed a similar agreement with HQ Bets, an Asian sports betting provider and operator. To reach and engage vulnerable people through sport, it is important to create partnerships between sports organizations and public health organizations (i.e. partnerships in the field of sport for health). However, working in health partnerships is a challenge and it is not clear how these partnerships should be addressed. In order to study the possible predictors of a successful sports partnership for health, the authors launched a questionnaire among 86 participants in sports partnerships for health in Holland. The questionnaire included actions on three indicators of successful cross-sector partnership (i.e. partnership synergy, partnership sustainability and Community outcomes) and nine elements of partnership that can predict their success. Multivariate results indicate that (a) partnership synergies are the best to expect through the communication structure and partner capabilities; b) the results of the partnership can be better predicted by the visibility and management of tasks in partnership and (c) the best way to predict the sustainability of the partnership through the visibility of the partnership. For this reason, the authors recommend that stakeholders in health sports partnerships pay particular attention to the structure of communication, which relies on capacity, visibility and task management. The agreement limits SDY`s marketing strategy to the club`s home games at the San Siro Sports Centre.

The agreement contains several other first-class digital marketing options for the 2020/21 season that has begun. The increased revelation of the deal and similar agreements with other Serie A clubs are expected to suspend the league`s Asian sports betting market and allow fans to become more involved. The challenges of quantitative research on sports partnerships for health are highlighted. Conceptual model of research on the elements of partnership and the success of the partnership. The agreement between Inter Milan and the Asian sports betting partner will see SDY Sports assets on the LED cards of the games in which Inte Milan participates.