Below are the provisions relating to a tenant`s obligations that are usually found in a rental agreement: Do you rely on both owners to provide a con, electric or pdf lease agreement author in an action or change or typhoon rental agreement Hong Kong rental model? Under the Landlords and Tenants (Consolidation) (Amendment) Regulations 2004, you and your tenant can decide whether to renew a lease agreement established on or after July 9, 2004. However, if there is an option to renew the clause in your existing lease agreement or other written agreement, your tenant will retain the right to extend the lease. You must, within one month of the conclusion of a lease agreement, submit to the Rating and Evaluation Division, for confirmation, a new lease or a new renewal agreement. For late deposit, a fee of HK$310 is charged. With a copy of the notification that will be returned after confirmation, you will be entitled to take legal action to claim the rent if necessary. You and your tenant can in principle decide between themselves the terms of the rental agreement, unless these are contrary to the landlord and tenant regulation (consolidation regulation). If your property is still under mortgage, you should obtain the prior agreement of the mortgage borrower for the rental of the property. Otherwise, you risk contravening your mortgage contract and your borrower could repossess the property.