New vehicles are also protected by a battery and propulsion unit warranty, but lifespans vary depending on the Tesla model you own. This is the tesla guarantee for the powertrain and ensures that your battery will retain a minimum capacity of 70 percent. Here`s the breakdown of the cover: All expanded tesla warranties come with a deductible of $200 per workshop visit. Unfortunately, the manufacturer does not offer additional deductible options. Tesla offers ESAs only for Model S and Model X vehicles. If you have a Model 3, an extended warranty of a third party is your only option. A Tesla extended warranty costs between $2,100 and $5,300, depending on the model of the vehicle, the duration of the contract and the purchase of the cover. As mentioned above, prices rise later you buy the cover. You can purchase an extended Tesla warranty directly from the manufacturer or a third-party supplier. Not all third-party companies cover all electric or luxury vehicles or models, but CarShield is one of the best providers of extended car warranties that cover Tesla. A: Tesla says that “you can request the termination of your extended service contract at any time and get a refund based on your claim history.” This means that all previous warranty claims are deducted from the proportional amount. You could get zero back, which will nullify any financial benefit for the cancellation.

It`s worth asking Tesla customer service before cancelling. If you consider your Tesla vehicle as an investment and intend to keep it for a long time, you should consider protection plans that extend coverage for a period or miles. An extended Tesla warranty could be your best bet if you want to be quiet and not dig into your savings to pay for unsurred and expensive car repairs. Infiniti branded car warranties are offered by a variety of companies and dealers, but knowledge of Infiniti`s best guaranteed prices will help you make the right decision for you. At CARCHEX, the average monthly cost of covering a vehicle protection plan… Tesla has won hearts with its innovative electric cars and state-of-the-art electronics, but even its most affordable and reliable models can be expensive to repair.