This item is a free time rental contract that can be used by anyone who rents a part-time use to a third party. (replace italic elements in bold or “xxxxx” with information about the resort interval before printing or e-mail.) Please make sure that you change the document to meet your own rental requirements (i.e. changing the amount of the deposit or conditions, etc.) before considering it as a real rental agreement! You`re going on a timeshare – but don`t start packing your swimsuit or skis yet. A timeshare rental should be signed first. Or maybe you own a property that you rent as a part-time stock…. Read more 6. RENTAL PRICE AND PAYMENT: The tenant will be paid in advance to the landlord, the total amount of the rent (described in section 4), including the rent and the refundable down payment, on the following method (circle 1): PayPal – the email address is: – payment order – the money is charged by the bank to guarantee authenticity – the money is billed by the bank to guarantee authenticity – other: 7. SECURITY DEPOSIT: The deposit is refunded to the owner within 14 days of check-out, provided that: A. There is no damage to the time-sharing unit, furniture, furniture and/or personal property; B.

In the time-sharing unit, there is no furniture, furniture or personal items; C. At this time indicated in Section 3C-3E, no holding handles have been made beyond the station`s departure date or time; D. There are no telephone or other fees charged by the management company; E. These are not offences or violations of this contract; and, F. Mieter got in due course and passed all the keys. 8. TIMELY EVACUATION; HOLDING OVER: The tenant undertakes to immediately evacuate the timeshare unit and verify the date/departure time set by the Resort for the time specified in section 3C-3E. Tenants agree to leave the time-sharing unit in good condition. Tenant will remove all waste and debris before check-out.

The tenant cannot keep in advance without the landlord`s express written consent. If the tenant keeps the data, the tenant agrees to pay a day or a fraction of the participation and also agrees that the tenant can be transferred to another part-time use unit within the resort, as chosen by the owner/resort.9 OCCUPANCY: This time-sharing unit can only be occupied by the tenant (i.e. only those mentioned in Section 2) and by the tenant`s additional clients, but does not exceed the maximum occupancy allowed for Unit 10. INDEMNITY: The tenant agrees to be fully responsible for all clients and their behavior. Tenants undertake to release, defend and maintain owners and/or resorts unscathed: A. Damage to the time-sharing unit, devices, furniture and/or personal property caused by tenants and/or customers; B. removal of furniture, furniture and/or personal items caused by tenants and/or customers; C. Violations of this contract by tenants and/or customers; D. Damage and/or injury to tenants and/or customers and/or tenants. 11.

RULES/REGULATIONS; PROHIBITIONS: Tenants, for themselves and for guests, accept: A. The time-sharing unit does not change physically; B. Do not damage the time-sharing unit, fittings, furniture and/or personal property; C. No furniture, furniture and/or personal items to remove from Timeshare Unit D. Pets are not allowed; E. Smoking is prohibited; F. There is no music or loud sounds allowed; G. All station rules and regulations must be respected and respected; H. Drugs or illicit substances should not be transferred/used in the time-sharing unit; I. No criminal offence can be committed in the time-sharing unit; J.

No climbing on the deck/balcony ramp or on/outside the windows; K. No throwing objects from doors, terraces, balconies or windows; and/or L. All phone/other resort expenses must be paid immediately and in full