Kansas Public Schools are working to recruit staff before the new school year. Originally, he says, he was looking for jobs outside the state. When it didn`t lead to a job, he looked at vacancies in Kansas and saw an adjustment with Rolla. Tony Blackwell, deputy superintendent in Labette County 506 $US, said he couldn`t imagine a single school district in his area of southeastern Kansas that didn`t promote school bus drivers. First-year teachers often start jobs that pay between $35,000 and $40,000 or more per year. These career jobs attract people to settle in a community. The Rural School District operates 25 regular bus routes. “I`d like to have half a dozen or more replacements,” Blackwell said recently. He thought the housing supply was probably a one- or two-room apartment. “No, it`s a real home,” Holmgren said. The outlook for wage increases in school districts is positive, in part due to increased state aid. The borough campaigned on social media last week for an evening for those interested in driving a school bus.

It didn`t attract anyone,” Blackwell said. It can take six to eight weeks before all the licensing, testing and background testing work for a new driver takes place, Blackwell said. And there is no guarantee that a candidate will pass the tests in the first round, he said. Some people who had coaching jobs abandoned them because they wanted to spend more time with their family or because it conflicted with their work. The part-time work of the school bus driver once attracted farmers, “but you have fewer and fewer people,” said Marty Nienstedt, director of apprenticeship at Haven USD 312, who will start in mid-August as Seaman USD 345`s human resources director. .