We may provide you with online bank statements and documents for one or more online online financial accounts or services without notice. As stipulated in Section 11 (c) of this Agreement, we can revoke your option only for ID cards and online documents and change your delivery preference in U.S. Mail if you do not manage a valid email address. For example, the contract provides that the bank`s online catering service may be unavailable “at certain times.” In such circumstances, it is said, customers can use “our touch sound service” over the phone. Bill Pay is intended for your use only for the payment of invoices and invoices and not for other purposes. The use of Bill Pay to make payments on behalf of someone other than an owner is prohibited and will be one of the reasons for the termination of Bill Pay and your access to the service. If this agreement is in conflict or is incompatible with us with another agreement, the other agreement is in control and has priority, unless it is expressly specified otherwise. The other agreement controls only the online financial account or service to which it is linked and only to the extent necessary to resolve the conflict or inconsistency. There are two exceptions to the general rule described above: if another agreement you have with us contains conditions regarding the online access process, that agreement will control and prevail all inconsistencies between that agreement and the terms of the other agreement dealing with the online access process. In addition, the original version of this agreement is in English.

Any discrepancies or conflicts between the English version and any other language version are resolved by referring to and interpreting the English version. If your Wells Fargo accounts and/or services are terminated for any reason, you no longer have the right or access to use the transfer service. “There were only people waiting when they tried to connect,” Dunn says. “Either you agreed or you couldn`t access your accounts.” For other online service requirements, contact us by email about your secure online session, or call online customer service at 1-800-956-4442. This section represents the arbitration agreement between you and us and involves a reciprocal waiver of collective actions. It regulates the following disputes, known as “Coverage Disputes”: To find out how to initiate an arbitration procedure, please call any AAA office or visit the AAA site at www.adr.org. If one of the provisions of this arbitration agreement, which deals with collective actions, collective arbitration, attorneys general, other representative acts, jojos or consolidation, is illegal or unenforceable, this invalid provision is not dissociable and the whole of this arbitration agreement is unenforceable. Wells Fargo can use technology for account detail notifications to review credit and debit payments, other banking transactions, account balances and services used to make suggestions based on this data.