What it does: Set clear expectations for students about how cancellations work and what they need to do to reschedule their appointments with you. The most common misunderstanding my clients have had is that, as a coach, I will give them the answers to their questions or tell them what to do. The coaching agreement plays an important role in informing the client about what coaching is and what to expect from the coaching process. Copyright violations pose a real threat to information product entrepreneurs and, in particular, to coaches. Your students may not even realize that by releasing a worksheet you gave them, they can hurt your intellectual property. If you cover this information at an early stage, you can avoid cross signals and bad feelings, and make sure that you and your customers are on the same page through the material used together – and what isn`t. Your contract will likely stipulate that you have your own content and that your students have the content they share during the coaching program. But there`s an exception to the rule. Finally. I hope you have found this agreement useful, and you are more than welcome to use it if you want. It goes without saying that you must ensure that you meet the specific requirements of your board of directors and your country.

A coaching agreement is essential because it serves two main objectives. First, it sets the ground rules for the coaching report so that both parties are aware of their commitments. Second, it effectively minimizes the coach`s debts and gives security to both parties and provides the coach with the necessary protection. Sounds good? Keep reading to learn about the easy steps you can take to create your own coaching contract model. As luck would have it, it would end up in my mailbox today, if that`s exactly what I need for a first meeting scheduled for next week. Thank you very much! Judy DeLapa Your coaching contract contains all the following and more: If you want more advice to start your coaching business, don`t miss this article: Years ago, I had a client who, when I would send an email the next day to confirm our coaching session, regularly informed me that she was on her way and that she was not available , and asked to reprogram it.