Students in the initiation course generally react positively to new approaches to learning. To this end, I developed and used three crossword puzzles during the Spring and Fall 2009 semesters at Colorado State University`s Introductory Soil Science Laboratory. The first hypothesis was that crossword puzzles would improve soil introductiontology. The ability of protein chains to spontaneously form their spatial structures is a long-standing enigma in molecular biology. The experimental folding times of individual globular proteins range from microseconds to hours: the difference (10-11 orders of magnitude) is the same as between the lifespan of a mosquito and the age of the universe. This review describes physical theories about the speeds of overcoming the free energy barrier that separate the natively folded states (N) and (U) from the protein chains in both directions: “U-to-N” and “N-to-U”. In the theory of protein bending rates, the point of thermodynamic (and kinetic) equilibrium between the native state and the developed state of the chain plays a special role; Here, the theory takes the simplest form. Paradoxically, it is easier to obtain a theoretical estimate of bending time from the observation of protein development (the “N-to-U” passage) than from folding, because it is easier to sketch a good path of blossoming of a structure than a good folding path leading to the still unknown stable fold of the folding protein chain. And since the rates of direct and inverted reactions are the same at the equilibrium point (as shown by the physical principle of “detailed equilibrium”), the estimated bending time can be deduced from the estimated fulfillment time.

The theoretical analysis of the “N-to-U” transition sketches the field of protein bending rates in a good adequacy with experience. The theoretical analysis of bending (the “U-to-N” transition) carried out at the level of the formation and assembly of secondary protein structures sketches the upper limit of protein bending times (i.e. the moment of the search for the most stable fold). Both theories lead to essentially the same results; This is not a surprise, as they describe overcoming the same free energy barrier, although the path on the side of the state deployed at the top of that barrier is very different from how this article evaluates the use of crossword puzzles created by teachers as a way to check classes. Students did a crossword puzzle in class to prepare for an exam, and then had the opportunity to pass a second crossword outside of class to prepare for the second test. Students generally evaluated crossword puzzles. Author and broadcaster David Astle creates crossword puzzles for Fairfax newspapers under the initials DA, which fans say represent “Don`t Attempt.” A transverse index could say “go west” or “left”, while a descending indication could say “go up” or “up”. An overview of Middle Eastern countries on the following topics: demographic change, transitional epidemiological theory and 4 transition models in the Middle East, transition to causes of death, decrease in infant mortality, war mortality, fertility, family planning, age and gender composition, ethnicity, educational status, urbanization, workforce, international labour immigration, refugees, Jewish immigration, families, marriage patterns and future growth….