Participants held a panel discussion on the theme “The Magic of New Media” at a five-day international youth conference and a festival entitled “Building bridges across the world” at the National Arts Council of Pakistan (PNCA). When asked if the SNS had reduced personal interaction, 70% agreed. When asked if social media didn`t make family relationships non-existent, 42.3% of respondents agreed, 43.4% agreed, 8.6% were neutral, 4.0% disagreed, and 1.7% disagreed. Previous research has shown that communication on the Internet has had a negative impact on the individual by reducing personal interactions and increasing the level of loneliness [26]. Studies have also shown that young people use media and instant messaging as a substitute for personal interaction with friends [27]. We`ve mentioned a few positives and negatives about social media, but that doesn`t explain why social media is good or bad. It`s somewhere in between. Despite these examples, you`ll remain cautious about whether social media is either a good thing or a bad thing for society? We would live to hear about your thoughts and opinions on the issue raised. Do you think social media is good or bad Respondents were surveyed for finding social media as a good way to enjoy leisure or alone. According to the data, 53.1% agreed, 36.0% agreed, 9.7% were neutral, 0.6% disagreed and 6% strongly agreed. Respondents were asked if they were aware of the global scenario.

According to the data, 42.9% agreed, 46.9% agreed and 10.3% were neutral. Source: survey. However, in most cases, it has been reported that parents may not know much about their teen`s online activities. There is a gap in the existing literature on parents` knowledge of their children`s use of social media. Often, the parents of their online friends are not aware and do not know what information they have access to. For example, it is reported that parents do not know how much time teenagers spend on Myspace[20]. In such cases, parents may not be effective in setting limits and monitoring children`s activities. In order to reduce the gap between parents and children, parents must also be informed via social networks.

Social media started as a place to connect easily and comfortably with your friends. In fact, many of you may have found your old friends from school or college who have been out of touch for one reason or another, well, I would say I have social media and I thank social media for that. Social media has given us the opportunity to connect with people and build better relationships with friends we can`t meet in person, inform them about our lives, and receive information about their lives and events.