3. If the debtor does not obtain the assignment by a declaration of force referred to in paragraph 1, the debtor may refuse or provide the benefit to the transferee. 1. The aggrieved party is entitled to a special performance of an obligation other than an obligation to pay money, including the repair of a failing benefit. 4. When a party is excused under section 8:108 by a full and lasting obstacle, the contract is terminated automatically and without notice at the time of the appearance of the obstacle. 1. The assignment of an existing debt comes into effect on the date of the transfer agreement or at the later date agreed by the assignee and the agent. Damage must be measured against the currency that best reflects the loss of the injured party. If the parties entered into an obvious contract that was not intended to reflect their true agreement, as between the parties, the real agreement prevails.

5. This chapter also applies, in the event of appropriate accommodations, to the granting of a guarantee right other than by transfer. 3. Periods, expressed in days, weeks, months or years, begin the next day at 00 a.m. and end on the last day of the period at 24 hours; but any response that the party having fixed must receive must arrive, or any other act to be done must be completed before the normal conclusion of the cases at the place concerned, on the last day of the deadline. Each party owes the other a obligation to participate in order to give full effect to the contract. on the date on which a notice of transfer, whether or not compliant with section 11:303, paragraph 1, is received by the debtor; or the third person has a legitimate interest in the benefit and the debtor has not performed, or it is clear that it is not made at the time of the performance. A party who entrusts the performance of the contract to another person remains responsible for the delivery.

3. A person must be treated as if he has given power to an obvious representative when the person`s statements or behaviour lead the third party to think, in a reasonable and good faith manner, that the manifest officer has been authorized for the act he has performed. The officer also worked as an agent for the third party; or (2) If the exporting party does not make such a statement, the other party may, within a reasonable period of time, make the performance of its own undertaking appropriate. It informs the executing party of the election. However, the rights under sections 3:302 and 3:303 can only be exercised if the intention to practise is communicated to the intermediary.dem third party or.dem third party. Upon receipt of the notification, the third party or client is no longer allowed to provide services to the intermediary. If there is any doubt as to the importance of an individually negotiated contractual clause, it is preferable to interpret the concept in relation to the party who provided it. If the contract does not define quality, a party must tender for a service of at least average quality.

(3) When a party does not have an ordinary seat, its ordinary home is treated as a business headquarters. When redistributing the source code, the above copyright mention, the list of conditions and subsequent non-responsibility must be maintained. The general amount of damages is such that the aggrieved party is, as far as possible, in the situation in which it would be in if the contract had been properly executed.