Our service and maintenance plans are generally included, but are not limited to: If you decide to include corrective parts coverage in your contract, be especially careful. This type of coverage is an area that is ripe for abuse by service providers. You need to know if ALL parts are actually included by asking these questions: as uninterrupted power systems (ASI), manufacturers have performed installations and commissioning, while end-users have performed subsequent maintenance requirements. As upS volumes increased and devices became smaller and more standardized, manufacturers recognized the practical and cost-effective benefits of maintenance contracts. Today, manufacturers employ teams of field technicians to perform the maintenance operations defined in these agreements. These services are also provided by independent providers, mainly composed of former employees of the plant. Although the average price of an annual UPS maintenance contract (taking into account inflation) has fallen by almost 50% over the past 20 years, end-users still need to exercise caution when purchasing a purchase product. With a USB maintenance plan from Server Room Environments, you will receive 24/7 assistance and an emergency call from an on-site energy technician to investigate the USS problem. We offer a 24/7 service and our technical support and engineering team is available at all times. For years, most UPS manufacturers have recommended at least two inspections per year. Some have changed their recommendation to one per year, probably in response to a combination of improved equipment and competitive market pressure. As an end user, you need to make a value judgment on how many inspections you need over a period of time.

Also, make sure that the number of preventative maintenance inspections specified is the number indicated. Most experienced UPS service technicians would likely agree on two inspections per year as the desired minimum. James T. Dodson is Vice President of Global Services, Sales and Marketing at GE Digital Energy in Rockwall, Texas. To access our UPS maintenance plans, please contact us and inform us of the manufacture and model and year of installation of the ASI installed by you. If you have access to the service history, we can then make an assessment and indicate the price of a health inspection or UPS maintenance contract. If we can`t accept your UPS because of their age and/or availability, we may be able to offer a trade-in and upgrade to a more compact and energy-efficient system. Our most comprehensive and popular plan, this contract offers solid savings and optimized comfort. Full service includes planned proactive maintenance to ensure the best performance (and efficiency) of your USUs devices.

Full service maintenance contracts also include 24/7/365 emergency services, the PowerTools suite™ energy management software, and all parts and manpower. The fixed costs of this contract allow for budgeting and planning of $1.50. UPS systems require annual inspections and service visits to check consumables such as batteries, fans and capacitors. A preventative up-and-purpose up maintenance visit allows our energy engineers to inspect the USB system and ensure that your business is protected from power outages. A typical maintenance visit includes visual monitoring of uninterrupted on-site power supplies and battery kits, UPS maintenance bypass devices, LV switching and network/telemonitoring control systems, as well as available protocols and firmware history. Thermal imaging technology can be used to identify “Hotspot” switching equipment and additional battery tests when needed. A recent addition to the maintenance contract variable mix is the maintenance cover window.