However, in order for the same thing to be recognised as a sale, it would have to be registered in the light of the amendments to Article 17(1A) of the Registration Act and Article 53A of the GST Act. On the basis of the above position, the Court has held that it is legally permissible to request the specific performance of an unregreged sales contract. if ownership of the property has not been transferred. . by unregreg registered purchase contract of 9.10.1966 and 16.3.1968 by Thakur Singh (father of defendant No. 1 Swaran Singh) and Jassa Singh (father-in-law of Smt. Ownership rights in the property are subject to mandatory obligations. Therefore, no transfer can be made on the basis of an unregistered purchase contract. Overall, I wasn`t. plaintiff Roop Singh sought a permanent injunction against the defendants, which prevents them from interfering with his property.