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About 3D NYC LAB

3D NYC Lab is a part of Make Mode, a multidisiplinary digital design and fabrication studio in Brooklyn, New York. We are a group of designers and technologists that loves to create. We work with a wide range of digital fabrication methods and machinery to create a unique process for every project we undertake. Our clients range from large companies and creative professionals to entrepreneurs and dedicated hobbyists. Our services range from industrial design to fabrication and production. Whether the job is large or small, our goal is to help you take your project from concept to reality.

Tell us About Your Project

3D Printing

3D printing can be used to create objects quickly, cheaply and with incredible detail. We offer several options for 3D printing.3D Printing Services

Laser Cutting

Laser cutting is a powerful way to customize materials and objects to meet your needs. We work with all kinds of materials.Laser Cutting Services

Design Services

From 2D design for laser cutting to 3D modeling for fully functional 3D prints, we take on design work of all types and sizes.Design Services