3D Printing with Nylon

Nylon is a wonderful material for 3D printing. It is strong, tough, and slightly flexible. We print in a white nylon, but are able to use specific post processing techniques to achieve a wide variety of solid colors for various nylon prints. Because of it’s versatile properties, nylon has a wide variety of applications from phone cases, to wearable clothing. The process for 3D printing in nylon begins with a solid volume of nylon powder. A high power laser then traces out the object being printed one layer at a time, “sintering” the nylon powder together to form a solid. This process gives the resulting print a distinctive and pleasing fine grain matte finish.

Browse through some examples and let us help you decide if a nylon 3D print is right for your project.

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Material Data and Safety Specifics

This material is dishwasher safe, but is not watertight, food safe or recyclable. For more information regarding the material, please read the material safety data sheet and material data sheet for more technical information regarding the nature of this material.