Not sure what you’re looking for? We offer quite a few services and here you decide what makes the most sense for you.

3D Printing a Print-Ready File


  • I have a valid 3D printing file: .STL, .OBJ, or .VRML
  • I want to print in hard plastic or full color sandstone
  • My print is between will fit in the following bounding box: 8″x10″x12″
  • Request a 3D Print

Laser Cutting a Valid Vector File

laser engraved clock

  • I have a valid vector file: .SVG, .AI, .DXF, .EPS, .CDR
  • I do not want to cut metals or woods thicker than 1/4″
  • My laser cutting project will fit in an 18″x32″ bounding box
  • Request a 3D Print

3D Design and Printing

belt image 2

  • I would like to 3D print an object but do not have a valid file
  • I would like to print my object in hard plastic or full-color sandstone
  • The object I would like to print is smaller than 8″x10″x15″
  • 3D Design Consultation

Laser Cutting Design


  • I do not have a valid vector file for laser cutting
  • My cuts are not through metal or wood thicker than 1/4″
  • My cuts can fit with in an 18″x32″ cutting bed
  • laser Cutting Design Consultation