Custom Stencils

Creative Stencils

Using our industrial laser cutter, we can produce custom stencils from vector files, or images. Whether you have a logo, an intricate design, or an image, we can turn your artwork into a precise, high quality, reusable stencil.

With computer aided design tools, we can turn just about any type of text or image into a custom stencil for use with DIY or professional art applications.

We carefully convert the given image/text into a workable vector file that talks to our computer-numerically-controlled laser cutter to cut out the stencil from an appropriate material quickly and precisely. The material of choice for most applications is Mylar, which we have on hand for your custom stencil project. We can also work with an extensive range of alternative materials depending on the exact use-case of your stencil(s).

If the file given to us is a vector file that is ready to go, that’s great. If not, we can create a file for you that will ensure a workable stencil – whether it is for spray painting a logo on objects or for a large scale installation/wallpaper. Some files may require touch ups, which we are happy to take on, while more complex images may also require a bit of testing/ engineering to ensure that a stencil has enough durability and integrity to be used and reused many times.

Laser Cut a Stencil


While stencils can be made from many materials, we use mylar as a standard material for creating stencils for a number of reasons. It is durable, reusable, and is able to be rolled. It is ideal for wall stencils, painting fabric, airbrushing, or other craft applications.

  • 7.5 mil Mylar (.0075” thickness)
  • $15/ sheet (18”x32”)
  • Don’t have a File?

    If you do not have a properly formatted vector file and do not have vector graphics editing software such as Illustrator, you are welcome to send us images, scans, or drawings of your artwork. From this, we can give feedback about a quote for file setup or about the feasibility of making your design into a custom stencil.

    Common Issues

    Material Size

    The max sheet size we can cut from is 18”x32”. Unfortunately, we are unable to make stencils larger than these dimensions.


    Text (especially with unique fonts) should be sent as outlines and not editable text. In Illustrator, this is done by selecting text and then going to Type>CreateOutlines


    It is imperative to add “bridges” to any “islands” that may be lost when stencils are cut. This may be counters in the interiors of letters, or interior details.

    Detail Size

    The thinnest details we can successfully cut are around 1/16” thick. It is important to remember that the thinner the detail, the harder it will be to block out paint.

    Laser Cut a Stencil