3D Design Services


Many people are excited about the potential to use 3D printing but have little to no experience with the process of creating a 3D model that is 3D print ready. This limitation can make it difficult for some people to justify the use of 3D printing. Here at 3D NYC Lab we have experience with a wide range of 3D modeling software such as Maya, Rhino, AutoCAD and ZBrush that we can use to help create beautiful, 3D print ready digital models for your project.

3D modeling can be a difficult and time consuming process depending on the desired outcome. It is crucial that any model destined for 3D printing be seamless and adhere to specific geometrical requirements of the 3D printer being used. When creating 3D designs we take all of these best practices into account to ensure that our clients end up with a model that they can easily print with us or through any other 3D printing service available.

If you would like to learn more about 3D modeling and design, a good place to start would be Google Sketchup, a free piece of modelling software that is great for beginners.

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