Manufacturing Consulting

eiffel tower 3D printed in grey resin using SLA technology

When developing a product prototype, it’s important to consider the quantity, material(s) and means of production. Do you plan on making 10 or 10,000 of a product? While we use digital fabrication tools such as 3D printers in our studio (which are excellent for producing small runs of prototypes and sometimes finished products) – it is important to understand how a 3D printed prototype can be mass manufactured through more conventional methods.

While 3d printing is limited in its material capabilities, a 3d printed prototype can become nearly any material and and be primed for a number of other production processes through smart post-processing. Plastic injection molding, lost-wax casting, die cutting – there are plenty of ways your concept can potentially be manufactured. Pairing good design with manufacturing insights will ensure that your product or idea will be produced and reproduced exactly to your specifications.

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