3D Printed Products

3D Printed Emoji


What do you buy for the man or woman who has everything? A watch? Jewelry? An exotic vacation? No! Buy them an emoji created with cutting edge 3D printing technology. Choose the emotion that’s right for you: happiness, sadness, love, or if you can’t decide on one of those, there’s always the poop.

  • Makes for the perfect gift
  • Fits in the palm of your hand
  • Hollow and lightweight
  • Vibrant, full-color
  • Coarse texture and delicate finish

Grab a single emoji or collect them all! They look great on your desk at work, resting on a bookshelf, peeking out from a windowsill, or anywhere else. Give one to a friend or a crush. Leave one on your coworkers desk at work. There are literally an infinite number of uses for 3D printed emojis, all of which are endlessly entertaining and hilarious.

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3D Printed NYC Phones Cases


We used cutting edge 3D printing technology to bring the streets of New York City to life in a flexible case for your iPhone 5S. Each case represents a unique part of New York City, from the iconic East Village to SoHo to Williamsburg and many more. Not only will these works of art protect your phone, but they look great while doing it.

The cases are printed using nylon, making each one durable but slightly flexible to ensure the perfect combination of fit and protection.

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3D NYC Lab and Shapeways

poop3D NYC Lab uses modern digital fabrication techniques including 3D printing and laser cutting to create unique, fun and useful products of all kinds. The power of digital fabrication allows us to focus on both form and function while allowing for a large number of customization options to many of our products.

Our manufacturing processes are incredibly powerful as well as sustainable. Our 3D printed products produce little to no waste material during the manufacturing process and we produce all our our products locally in New York, New York which reduces the amount of resources required to ship products over long distances to our facilities. We are currently working with Shapeways to fulfill orders.

We fulfill some of our 3D printing orders through a 3rd party 3D printing company called Shapeways. Shapeways has proven itself a leader in the 3D printing space over the years in not only quality and reliability, but also in offering the most cutting-edge 3D printing technologies to professional designers around the world. We are confident in their ability to correctly fulfill all of our products here at Good Custom Goods.

We’re proud to partner with Shapeways to offer our unique line of products to the world and hope that your experience with them will be as satisfying as ours has been and continues to be. If, for any reason, you are not completely satisfied with your order upon arrival, please contact us directly at sales@3dnyclab.com with your name and order number and we will work with our contacts at Shapeways to remedy any issues with your order.