3D Printing Materials

Learn about the major types of materials we offer through our 3D printing services. Each material has it’s own strengths and weaknesses that should be taken into account when determining the right material for your project. Browse the gallery of some of the materials we offer below or reach out to discuss the specifics of your project with a member of the 3D NYC Lab team.

Full Color Sandstone

This is the only 3D printing material currently on the market that can achieve a full range of colors in a single print. If color and presentation are important to you project, this may be the right material for you. Sandstone is delicate and best served for presentation pieces rather than functional parts or parts that need to withstand a large amount of stress and/or movement. Learn more about 3D printing with full color sandstone.

Hard Plastic: ABS

3D printing with ABS is similar to PLA but more rigid and durable. It also comes in a wide variety of colors (white shown below) and can show a higher level of feature detail than PLA. We recommend ABS prints for projects that require a higher amount of durability and, in some cases, for fully functional parts. Learn more about 3D printing with ABS.

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