3D Printing with Sandstone

Sandstone is an ideal 3D printing material for things such as presentation models, figurines and anything else that lends itself to a full-color print. The material is delicate and brittle and best suited for projects in which the print will not be handled frequently. We apply a specific post processing technique to increase the strength of all sandstone prints, but they should still be handled with care.

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The process for 3D printing in sandstone begins with a bed full of sandstone powder. A binding agent is added to the area of the powder that outlines the print, layer by layer, solidifying the powder into a sandstone-like material. As the binding agent is applied, a color jet, similar to those seen in most laser jet printers, injects color specific to your model. Color is added to 3D models ahead of printing with special software. Because sandstone prints are created in a powder bed, there is no need for any supporting structures on complex prints. The powder in which the print occurs acts as supporting structure for the print. Additionally, because of the powder bed style of print, sandstone is not ideal for “closed” or non-hollow prints. It can dramatically raise the cost of a print as excess material will become trapped inside of the print.

Speed 100
Strength 50
Size 100
Resolution 66


Material Data and Safety Specifics

This material is not recyclable, watertight, food safe or dishwasher safe. Read the material data safety sheet to learn more.


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